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Steve Mencher is a writer and producer who is endlessly curious about the world

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Sally field doris credit seacia pavao 20embed%281%29 article
Next Avenue

5 Films to Watch For Shown at South By Southwest | Next Avenue

5 Films to Watch For Shown at South By Southwest | ...

Al gore article

6 Ideas From South By Southwest That Could Change Boomers' Lives - Forbes

6 Ideas From South By Southwest That Could Change B...

Google chromescreensnapz022 article

Remembered: The Alzheimer's Photography Project

A stunning set of photo portraits of people with Alzheimer's Disease. I did the interview and prepared the audio.

Bigbrother2 article

'Down On Me' - Sam Andrew - Pearl

"Down On Me" - with the late Sam Andrew on guitar. That's me on electric piano - Vocals are by Pearl, a fellow who did a perfect Janis Joplin voice. How he convinced some of Janis Joplin's bandmates to be in the band is still a mystery all these years later.

620 change makers faith ringgold.imgcache.rev1424444228024.web article

African American Change Makers

A distinguished group of leaders for Black History Month 2015.

Henryivpt1 232 keach falstaff 682x1024 article

Falstaff Is King in D.C. — Stacy Keach in Henry IV | Washcult

I'm a huge Stacy Keach fan, although I wasn't fully persuaded by his Falstaff.

Moe article

‘5 Guys Named Moe’ | Washcult

Washington's Arena Stage score a hit with Clarke Peters' tribute to Louis Jordan.

Vera brandes article
Library of Congress

Music and the Brain (Podcasts) (Library of Congress)

The Library's Music and the Brain events offer lectures, conversations and symposia about the explosion of new research at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and music. Project chair Kay Redfi...

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Cooking Up Justice With Bryant Terry

Cooking Up Justice With Bryant Terry

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5 Ways to Deal With Surging Boomer Suicides

Bulletin Today | Personal Health | Your LifePrint
The image would be comic if it wasn’t so sad. Feeling hopeless and alone years ago, I remember holding a belt and looking at my shower curtain rod, wo...

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‘Homeland’ finale creates pride in bipolar community

Entertainment | Personal HealthPrint
The season finale Sunday of Homeland marks the climax of a trifecta of sorts. The Showtime spy thriller is joined by a nearly sure-fire Oscar nominee for best pict...

Open uri20140611 18855 9ywlc8 article

Elder Abuse - 7 Things You Can Do Today

Elder Abuse Awareness Day: 7 Ways You Can Help – AA...

400 man flag us supreme court same sex article

Supreme Court Victories for Same-Sex Marriage

Bulletin Today | Home & Family | PoliticsPrint

In a ruling with deep impact on older gay and lesbian couples, the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26 struck down restrictions in the Defense of Marriage Act...

Npr logo1 article
National Public Radio

Golf's Transcendent Side: an Open Society : NPR

According to its mission statement, the Shivas Irons Society provides its members "opportunities for community, discovery, and transformation through golf." On a recent Sunday, 100 members of the soci...

Vs282t6 article

6 Reasons Why Sex Is (Much) Better After 50, Miley Cyrus ...

6 Reasons Why Sex Is (Much) Better After 50, Miley ...